Beauty is in the Details.

During my course of studies in Milan, I went to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of April 2012, for the first time. Even though one can say that the genius and diversity of the products and brands exhibited at the fair are why someone would visit such an event, I had a bit of a different focus.

I think it is quite fascinating how beautiful objects are when looked at from extremely close. Although these same objects tell their own stories – from the purpose they exist, to how they look and how they differ from similar objects made by others – once you get out of that “noisy” realm of products as a whole and go into the more “silent” details and micro aspects of it, new stories can be told, that are completely detached from the origin.

Some of the photos are available as prints on Society6.
This first set of pictures show details taken from wall decorations and structures.
The following pictures show details taken from smaller objects, such as lamps or tables.

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