My name is Gianluca Gilbert Giancola. I am a young entrepreneur based in Zurich, Switzerland. In June 2012 my older brother and I Co-Founded qiibee with the mission to reward people for every interaction with the brands they love. We’re on it!
I thrive to translate thoughts and ideas of how “anything” should look like, into visually recognizable and coherent forms that are adapted to the medium through which they are displayed. I am a Research & Developer at heart, I love to explore new technologies and immerse myself in new areas of knowledge, in order to keep a broad perspective on what I do.
I am solution oriented with whatever I encounter in life and I live by these simple values:
Nº1 Be the best you can be.
Nº2 Never, never, never give up.
Nº3 Actions speak louder than words.
What does GQBD mean?
GQBD comes from my full birth name Gianluca Gilbert Giancola and the nick name that my 8th grade math teacher gave me. He used to call me G-Cubed (G³), because of my initials being three Gs.
I always thought that was an awesome nick name, but the way it was written, was not to my liking when using it as a logo/name. To make it more unique, I used an extremely powerful formula… time + thought! At last, GQBD came to existence!
GQBD is pronounced the same way as “G-Cubed” is – (/dʒí kjúbd/).
Work Experience
Current-2012 | qiibee ag: Co-Founder, Business Development and Design
2012-2011 | Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Milano:  Master in Graphic Design and Management (Final Grade: 95/100)
2011-2008 | Istituto Marangoni Milano:  Three Year Course in Product Design (Final Grade: 30/30)
2008-2002 | Zurich International School (ZIS): School Diploma + International Baccalaureate (IB) (Final Grade: 27/42)
Current-2012 | Working: in Zurich, Switzerland
2012-2008 | Studied:  in Milan, Italy
2008-1990 | Lived and raised: in Zurich, Switzerland
21.03.1990 | Born: in Baden, Switzerland
Native/bilingual proficiency: English, German, Italian
Elementary proficiency: French
Interested in: Japanese, Arabic
“Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the topic that Simon Sinek talked about at TEDx Puget Sound in 2009. Inspiring and mind changing philosophy. Why do we do what we do? We all know what we do, but do we all know why?
This truly inspiring TEDx Talk by Jairek Robbins at UpperEastSide, shows us how to lead by example and thus inspire others to do what they really want and follow their dreams. All we need to do, once we know where we’re headed, is to: “learn it, live it, give it”.